Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Cup of Inspirational Tea

It was in the Gallery Cafe, lunch hour.

I just finished my meal, as my history lecturer, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mesut Idriz, waved me and offered me a cup of drink.

I refused, since I'm already full.

But he kept offering, sincerely, and my ex-classmate, who were sitting there, too, uttered "owh come on".

I accepted, a glass of iced-milked-tea.

We talked for a while.

Prof. Mesut shared with us, his personal methodology of reading, which is by keeping the books opened on the half of his bed. Also, some sort of "don't get married unless you've finished your PhD, because married people, at 11pm, they are on bed, having 'fishy-fishy' with their wives, and I do my thesis..."

Well, he did slap my face. Duh!

He is very busy with his tasks, and articles, and publications, perhaps.

I hope to be in his class again. He is great.

He is my inspiration. Just after my beloved my parents.

Thanks for every single moment, Prof. Mesut.

20 March 2007 [revised: 20th October 2010]

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

National Psychology Carnival 2007 (N-PsyC 07)

Yesterday, I got a message from the Head of Programme Coordinator (Central Commitee), informing that I'm accepted to be a Programme Coordinator (PC) for this becoming National Psychology Carnival 2007 (N-PsyC 07), which is scheduled on September.

The 1st meeting was on yesterday, too. I'm proud to be the PC, since I do love managing programmes. My great experience is when I was appointed as a PC (Briefing) for Matriculation Centre of IIUM 2006/2007 intake. It did teach me a lot.

I'm eager to manage those tasks.

Further information pertaining this carnival will be annouced later.

It's The Exam Week

It's The Exam Week.

The classes are over.
Everyone is busy.
The library is full.
The computer lab is free.

My exam will be on 22 March till 3 April.

Then the vacation starts.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

New Template.

Herm. I think this new style is good. Eye-cathing. Anyway, I should put some informations here and there.

Keep looking forward yah :)

Now what should I do?

I juz attended an Islamic forum on apostasy in Malaysia by three well-knowledge speeakers, which are Dato Abu Hassan Din al-Hafiz, Ustaz Farhan al-Hafiz and Ustaz Yusri Muhammad. It took place in Main Auditorium IIUM and was a good discussion.

Now, I'm thinking on what should I do next?

I have a second test of Psychology on this Wednesday evening, after a meeting at Guidance and Counselling Department regarding Guidance Group.

On Thursday, if I'm not mistaken, I have to submit a Political Science assignment about amendment on Malaysian Constituion.

Duh! I have to complete many tasks.

Dear ALLAH, give me strengh and courage.


Friday, March 2, 2007

Coming back...


After a long-long-long 'vacation' from blogging, here I come back.

Haha, hopefully I can manage to write here frequently.

Well, it is just a 'second opening ceremony' for my blog, so, it is short :)

Herm, I did renovate my just now, and you may detect many changes here and there. Hope you enjoy and benefit from it.

Till then, I have to reconstruct my messy plans then, hehe.

See ya!